Hello, I'm Tameka

My Mission:

Living la vida keto has not only transformed my health, but has allowed me to have self-confidence and love myself along every step in my journey.  I am so excited to work with women and men who have struggled with looking in the mirror and being happy with their reflection.  Keto saved my life, and it can save yours, too!

I now am a Certified Ketogenic Living Coach and I enjoy running an individualized program that helps others like me change their health and build their confidence. My goal is to provide knowledge, kindness and a sense of belonging to ensure that this lifestlye change is one that makes a positive impact on your life and allows you to reach any goal that you have.

My mission is to teach others to love themselves, make their health a priority and then transform to be the best they can be utilizing the ketogenic lifestyle.


About Me:

I am a mom, a military veteran, military wife, and a fighter who has overcome both PCOS and cervical cancer.

Like many women, my struggle with weight and dieting started early on, and my eating patterns were disordered.  I was just 20 years old when I did my first “crash diet” to meet the weight requirement for the Army. Eating at a large calorie deficit and starving myself helped me get into the Army, but it was not sustainable.  

In Basic Training I simply didn’t have time to eat and was working out heavily.  It helped me get down to a low weight and body fat percentage, but as soon as I stopped exercising as much, the weight just seemed to pile back on.  After an ankle injury I was sidelined and my weight began to skyrocket.

 At this point, my menstrual cycle was all over the place, and I was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome - PCOS.  At the same time the doctor gave me the hard news that I ALSO had cervical cancer.  The doctor was shocked and so was I.  I had just celebrated my 21st birthday. After a partial removal of my cervix I was also prescribed Metformin which caused me to gain a lot of weight. 

After a long journey including a miracle pregnancy and the birth of my son, I researched keto and I went ALL in!  This was my solution to eating in a way that makes me feel good, lose weight, and never feel like I am starving myself.  In less than a year I was down below my pre-pregnancy weight, and my menstrual cycle has greatly improved.