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Love YOU First

Life on the Sassy Side is a place for inspiration, loving guidance and the latest in the nutrition world.  

It's not easy to head down the path of change alone.  I had failure before I had success.  Although, I wouldn't change my journey, I want to educate you on how awesome you can feel when adopting a ketogenic lifestyle the right way.  As a Certified Ketogenic Living coach, I have the education and experience to guide you through this transformation.  One thing I know for sure, if you want to be the best you can for your loved ones, you've got to love YOU first.  Let's do this together!  


It's not easy to head down a path of change alone




Keto + PCOS

Will a Ketogenic Lifestyle help with PCOS? Yes!! I am a walking testimony!

Get to know me, my mission and read more about my journey with PCOS, Cervical Cancer and Keto.  I've change the trajectory of my health and I want to help other women just like me!


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